Our lenses

VYOO lenses are made of advanced material Omafilcon A. With a water content of 58% and an oxygen permeability of 36.7 Dk / t, they give you comfort and a sense of health from morning to night. They are extremely easy to use as the light blue tint helps them so that the lenses become visible while they are in their liquid and you can handle them more easily.

The unique aspherical design of the lenses ensures the best possible fit of the lenses to your eyes. The lenses remain fixed to the eye preventing any irritation. At the same time, their aspherical geometry helps you to see clearly in all lighting conditions. They have very thin, specially designed edges so that you do not feel their presence during use.


Omafilcon A

Water content:


Oxygen transmissibility:

36.7 Dk/t

UV filter:


Easy handling tint:


Inside-out indicator:


Extended wear:


Diameter (DIA):


Power (Pwr):

from -10.0 to +6.0

Base curve (BC):


Center thickness:

0.07 mm
High Oxygen Permeability

Breathable lens material (Omafilcon A) for greater comfort


Unique moisture capture technology (MPC) that enhances lens biocompatibility

Sophisticated design

Aspherical curvature with innovative design at the edges that enhances the penetration of oxygen and the circulation of moisture, for optimal eye health and incomparable comfort

UV Protection

Protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays