Do you know what lenses you put in your eyes?
The majority of people don't! We want you to know everything, that's why everything is "transparent" in our relationship, just like your VYOO lenses.

VYOO are contact lenses certified by the EE, they are made of Omalficon A (42%) and water (58%), they are of high quality and offer you a feeling of comfort from the first application and for the whole day. The moisture binding technology (MPC), the innovative aspheric design and the UV protection they have, makes them a completely safe and functional product for your eyes only!


Have you connected the good with the expensive?
We're happy to be the exception to the rule! Buying your VYOO lenses is the most win-win deal you can make at first glance...literally!

VYOO are high quality lenses at the lowest possible price, there are no middlemen and middlemen in our subscription model, no hidden costs, they arrive from the factory to your door plain and simple.
You just…
Enjoy the view!


Did you run out of lenses and forgot to order or didn't make it to your optician?
With VYOO these are a thing of the past! Your lenses have been programmed.

Now you don't need to worry more, since they will come to your door depending on the interval you have chosen (every 4, 6 or 8 weeks).
A small step in your order, a big step for the health of your eyes!

Enjoy the Vyoo!

Now you have the opportunity to explore the world without limiting your vision! Fill in images, experiences and memories and see everything: clearly.

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High Oxygen Permeability

Breathable lens material (Omafilcon A) for greater comfort


Unique moisture capture technology (MPC) that enhances lens biocompatibility

Sophisticated design

Aspherical curvature with innovative design at the edges that enhances the penetration of oxygen and the circulation of moisture, for optimal eye health and incomparable comfort

UV Protection

Protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays

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Try them for free

With each new subscription we send you 20 VYOO contact lenses for free, with a unique charge of shipping costs

They are coming to your door

After you try them, we send you 60 VYOO contact lenses at the price of 27€ (plus shipping costs), every 4, 6 or 8 weeks

You have complete control

There is no commitment. Change or freeze your subscription whenever you wish

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No more overpaying

Our lenses are sent directly from us to you. There are no intermediaries, there are no hidden costs. This means that we can offer you high quality lenses at the lowest possible price.

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With every VYOO purchase you make every month through your subscription, you help not only your own eyes, but also someone else's "eyes"! 

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